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Frequently asked questions asked by parents looking for the best schools near Devon Business

How do I find out what schools are available around Torquay? 

There are some frighteningly frank websites for you to choose from. The Government one is You simply enter your location, perhaps Torquay, or another location and select primary schools or secondary schools. All the information parents need all there in percentages!

You could also try the paid for websites like . This one is quite cheap and you can pay monthly.

This is of course just the very first stage in selecting a school. You will to need see the videos on this page before even thinking of visiting the shortlist of schools on your list.

How do I find the state school catchment area in or around Devon Business? 
If you just need to know your school catchment area try .If you are looking for exhaustive information on the schools as well go to

How do I find out how good a school is?
You will absolutely have to visit the school. However, do look at the video below. For armed is to be fore warned!

Nursery Schools

What's the difference between nursery and preschool? 
Preschools usually work around a formal curriculum and trained teachers - making them a little more expensive! Nursery schools are usually a more relaxed learning environment and more flexible enrolment terms. They are also cheaper and vary greatly.

What age is a preschooler? Ages up to 4 is considered preschooler with toddlers are 1 - 3 year old bracket. Basically 4-year-old are not 'toddling' around any more and so are no longer toddlers!

What does preschool mean? A preschool, or nursery school, is a pre-primary school, or play school for early childhood education. Preschool is for children before they begin compulsory education at primary school. 

Is Pre K considered preschool? Pre K schools are pre-kindergartens.

This page should help you answer these school finding questions!


Local Area Creches and Day Nurseries for TQ2
Click also to find: Childcare Services, Nursery Schools, After School Care

PreSchools and Playgroups for Torquay

St Margaret's Primary Academy

Barewell Rd, Torquay TQ1 4PA, UK – 01803 327090

Wonderful school, lots of variety in outdoor space, 2 classes per year and a real interest in childrens learning not just performance statistics.

This is the best primary school/academy to send your child to I am a former student who went there and everyone who I went to that school with are almost to sets in our secondary

St Marychurch C Of E Primary & Nursery School

Hartop Rd, Torquay TQ1 4QH, UK – 01803 329070

My daughter goes to this amazing school. I was worried that she might get bullied because she joined from year 5 and other kids pretty much know each other from Nursery or Year 1. Fortunately, she came back with a very happy and good responce to her first day at school. She told me a lot about how nice her friends were to her and how nicely the teachers treated her. To this date, she loves her school very much and made many good friends. I heard that some kids who were bullied at other school came to St marychurch and how happy they are now. we are very lucky to find this great school.

Fantastic school! My daughter is so happy here after we moved her from a school she was unhappy at. Now she is thriving and loving life once again. Great staff and children.

Barton Hill Academy

Barton Hill Rd, Torquay TQ2 8JA, UK – 01803 327161

A wonderful school offering so much more than others in the area. I've watched my children's self-confidence leap through the support of very dedicated teachers and staff. Children and their families are made to feel so welcome and shown that learning really can be fun.

Today (16/10/17), I again visited Barton Hill Academy with a 5m planetarium. This time 180 Year 2 and Year 5 students enjoyed peering up at the planetarium night sky, visiting the International Space Station, handling a meteorite and travelling across a future colonised Solar System. Thank you Barton Hill Academy for another very pleasant visit. Today (19/10/16), with my business Immersive Theatres, I delivered a 5m digital planetarium experience to 90 Year 2 students at Barton Hill Academy. On arrival I was warmly welcomed by the teaching staff and site manager. The morning was well-organised with all groups arriving on time. The excited students enjoyed viewing the planetarium night sky, visiting the International Space Station and learning about the Solar System and the different types of stars. Thank you Barton Hill Academy for a very pleasant visit.

After School Care


21 Carlton Rd, Torquay TQ1 1NA, UK – 01803 290030

An amazing friendly environment and understanding staff. They work with the parent to achieve the best for their child taking everything into consideration from toilet training to fussy eaters. They work hard to make sure children are reaching new goals within the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and spend time out of the establishment on every occasion the weather allows, with trips to the zoo or the park etc. I sent my oldest son here and now he has started school he is excelling, which I partly believe is due to excellent early education. I will be sending my youngest son to this nursery next term and I am confident this is the best choice for him as the owner is an amazing lady who treats every child individually.

The breakfast club and after school club give the nursery children a chance to mix with other age groups and prepares them for school later on. The staff are great and really do work hard with the kids so they must have the patience of a saint tucked away in there. When weather permits the children get to go out on regular trips. Our grandson has progressed in leaps and bounds since going to Phoenix. Can't praise them highly enough.

Sherwell Valley Primary School

Hawkins Avenue, Torquay TQ2 6ES, UK – 01803 613296

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE the classes I were is where amazing I still love this today and my favourite teacher has to be MRS BRYAN!!!! :D

I'm now 15 years old and I'm autistic I left this school back in 2011 aged 8 years old and I thought the support I had was good Because I only had learning difficulties at the time and yes I enjoyed it there I also miss my former school mates as the last time I saw them was in August 2012 only a year after I left

Ellacombe Academy

Ellacombe Church Road, Torquay TQ1 1TG, UK – 01803 293040

To ellacombe Because I have not been there in a while how is it going in school I really miss you sincerlly Leighton xxx

Choosing a school around Torquay. This is an Australian video but has some really good Tips!

Torquay Independent Schools - Prep & Secondary - for Torquay

Independent Schools for Torquay - private preparatory and senior schools. Prep schools age 8 yrs to 11yrs or 13 yrs. Senior schools age 11yrs or 13 yrs to 18yrs. Some independent schools have a pre-prep department (age 3 to 8yrs) as well as prep and senior schools. Independent schools can be co-educational or single sex.

Best Torquay Secondary Schools -

Torre Church of England Academy

Barton Rd, Torquay TQ1 4DN, UK – 01803 324007

really good school teachers are very friendly really good school just what i needed after being bullied and they help a lot good school

Love it great school

Torquay Boys' Grammar School

Shiphay Manor Dr, Torquay TQ2 7EL, UK – 01803 615501

Loved it I was there. 1964- 1970 Retired from life in catering for life on tiny island of Barra in the outer Hebrides, 2008 Thank you for my education. Xxx

its a good school

Combe Pafford Business and Enterprise School

Steps Lane, Watcombe, Torquay TQ2 8NL, UK – 01803 327902

great schoolx

I still go to this school and it's awesome because there is a cafe and a hair salon and a fitness sweet. From your good friend Meghan Donoghue class 7P.

Independent Schools

The Abbey School

Torquay TQ1 4PS, UK – 01803 327868

Abbey School Nursery has been the perfect place for my daughter to mix with other children and to adjust to school life, and I am so very pleased with the progress that she has made in her early developmental stages. I would recommend Abbey School Nursery in Torquay to any parent looking for similar for their child.

EF Academy

E F House, Castle Rd, Torquay TQ1 3BG, UK – 01803 202932

I’ve past 3 weeks there and that was really good ! Teachers and staffs are always taking care of you. I’ve learnt a lot and I recommend this school to you.

Very good school, perfect teachers as they are always to help even if you don't have any problems, member of staff are amazing, fantastic environment. Talking about EF is actually talking about a new family and very good friends that you are going to make throughout the year. Since I came, the members of the staff have been very attentive and the students will not let you alone never at school. There are a range of culture, people from different countries with different perspectives and mindset, it is just a global environment. Strongly recommended.

Preston Community Pre-School

Preston Baptist Church/Old Torquay Rd, Paignton TQ3 2RB, UK – 01803 520712

Preston Community Preschool has been great for my two children; nurturing, friendly, supportive and encouraging. The setting has a great outdoor space, which the children are encouraged to explore. There are always an array of activities on offer for the children, which are different every day. It’s really helped my children to become independent learners. Although it took a while for my son to settle, his key worker went over and above to help him ease into preschool life. My youngest went in on her first day and didn’t look back...!

Local Authority Schools - Primary & Secondary Schools

Local Authority primary and secondary schools for TQ2 5LZ . LEA primary schools age 4yrs (the year in which a child is 5) to 11yrs. Secondary schools age 11yrs to 16yrs or 18 yrs. Each school has a local catchment area.

Primary Schools

Upton St James C Of E Primary School

St James Road, Upton, Forest Rd, Torquay TQ1 4AZ, UK – 01803 328286

I was at this school in 1943 to 1948 and so pleased it's still doing well.

Priory Catholic Primary School

St Catherine's Rd, Torquay TQ1 4NZ, UK – 01803 328480

Love this school

Warberry C Of E Academy

Cedars Rd, Torquay TQ1 1SB, UK – 01803 292642

Went here as a kid. Just managed to make it to 30 without dying, 10/10 would be educated here again.

an awesome place which is soooooooooooooooooo worth going to!!! had the best learning experience i could possibly have at a primary school! wish i was there, Jak Partridge aka chatterbox. p.s. i'm not Natalie i,m just on my mums computer

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. Ofsted reports directly to Parliament and is independent and impartial, inspecting and regulating services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages.

Click for the full database of OFSTED's inspection reports - check out schools in TQ2 or anywhere in the country.
GetTheRightSchool was formed to offer a unique reference point on getting your child into the school of your choice. The web site covers all you need to about education choices with tips and a guide to the application process and issues that could impact your child's school day, from dealing with bullying, to money issues, to how to work out school catchment areas when they move schools.
Independent Schools Council Website - has a search facility: by county, school or postcode. The ISC brings together eight associations of independent schools, their heads, bursars and governors and represents over 1,200 independent schools in the UK and overseas.
Schools Web Directory - lists all UK local education authorities with a click-through to their websites. Each Local Authority has lists of its own schools and details of application procedures.
Contact details & Websites of 4,065 Schools in Ireland - search by map or county list
Lists more than 31,000 UK state and independent schools and colleges, including over 26,000 UK School, College and University Websites. Search for schools or search for educational establishments anywhere in the UK by geographical county, postcode, name or LEA.

BBC Live Educational News

Top A-level grades fall in first exams since Covid

Around 36% of grades are A* and A – with most applicants assured of university or college place.

Schools in England told not to cut days over energy price rises

The government says schools must stay open five days a week, despite soaring winter fuel costs.

Charities urge next PM to improve vulnerable children's care

Children's charities urge Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to deliver reforms to "flawed" care system in England.

Cost of living: Demand for free school uniforms rockets, says charity

A Better Fit says second-hand clothes are leaving their warehouse as soon as they arrive.

Dyslexia support centres
Click also to find: Education Agencies & Authorities, Schools - Independent & Preparatory
Special schools for Torquay for moderate to severe learning difficulties, ADHD, Autism, Physical impairment, complex health needs, communication difficulties, dyspraxia and other special needs.

Special Needs Schools around you

Mayfield School

Torquay TQ2 8NH, UK – 01803 328375

Fantastic school , my son has improved so much and is treated properly .

Homelands Primary School

120A Westhill Rd, Torquay TQ1 4NT, UK – 01803 328264

Great little school, not too many pupils so is quite a personal experience rather than institutional

Torbay School @ The Hillside Learning Centre

S Parks Rd, Torquay TQ2 8JE, UK – 01803 326330

Website with facility to search for many different kinds of special needs schools and links to lots of support groups.  Find a special needs school near Torquay or search the website for special schools throughout the UK

Adult Education Centres for TQ2 - Language Tuition

Adult Education Centres for Torquay which may run evening or daytime language classes

Adult Education

Torquay Academy

Cricketfield Rd, Torquay TQ2 7NU, UK – 01803 329351

deffo come here. deffo good best headteacher ever. cuddly bear.

I am going there currently and if you think it is rubbish go to some different school because we are the best school you will ever have

Oxford College of English

61 Abbey Rd, Torquay TQ2 5NN, UK – 01803 213446

It was a really productive and pleasant stay in 2017. Our 65 pupils were offered a brilliant programme in the language school as well as in the afternoon when the fun part began. The programme was really put together well and diversified. The staff and especially Peter and Andrea Hughes were very professional and took care of all our questions and wishes. We are already looking forward to next year's course! Keep up the good work, see you soon! Cheers, Martin Blattner

E F Language School

E F House, Castle Rd, Torquay TQ1 3BG, UK – 01803 202902

I really love this place. It has no change since 2007 I was there

It's the best school in the world!

Language Schools

Torquay International School

15 St Marychurch Rd, Torquay TQ1 3HY, UK – 01803 295576

Nice school.

I liked to stay there and will be back!

Kaplan International English - Torquay

30 Ash Hill Rd, Torquay TQ1 3HZ, UK – 01803 210940

Nice school

The Best school. The Best friends The Best City. I loved all that.

Riviera English School

Hagley House, 38-40 The Terrace, Torquay TQ1 1BN, UK – 01803 212132

Nice place, pretty school and very nice teachers !

Language Schools for Torquay

Language schools for TQ2. Also consider Adult Education Centres which might run evening language classes

Private Tutors for Torquay

Private Tuition for TQ2
Click also to find: Language Schools, Translators & Interpreters

Private Tutors

Riviera Tuition

42-44, The White House, Suite 5, The Terrace, Torquay TQ1 1DE, UK – 01803 431580

Both children had tutoring with Suzanne and have benefited from her approach. Groups were small and friendly and there was lots of material to practice between sessions.

Great tutors. Really helped our son to progress with his education.

Dyslexia Tuition Torquay

5 Valley View Cl, Torquay TQ1 4DY, UK – 07527 359463

I always knew that my son was different to other children, in that he appeared to be very bright, but was struggling academically. He was diagnosed as having dyslexia in his final year at primary school. This was good news for us, as it meant that I could start looking to get him the help he needed and deserved. My partner found Jenny Hulme by chance, and it was one of the best things that has happened for my son. School had tried very hard with him and were accommodating providing 1-1 lessons and various interventions. However by the end of primary school he was 3 years behind in his reading and 4 years behind in his spelling. When my son began his tutoring with Jenny he was 11 years old. His reading and spelling ability was that of an 8 year old and a 7 year old respectively. We started off with one hourly lesson a week and because of how successful this was increased to twice weekly to close the gap in his education even faster. His second assessment took place after 30 hours of intervention with Jenny and showed an improvement of 9 months in his spelling and a whole year in terms of his reading age! Memory is an issue for those with dyslexia and Jenny has been able to expand his auditory sequential memory by 15%, which essential for his academic learning. His memory scores also continue to improve. He is making excellent progress. These are his scores so far: Assessment pack used - Aston Index Initial Assessment 29/03/16 Spelling age: 7yrs Reading age: 8yrs Auditory sequential memory: 4.5/10 2nd Assessment 16/09/16 Spelling age: 7yrs 9 months Reading age: 9 yrs A.S.M 5/10 3rd Assessment 15/02/17 Spelling age: 8yrs 2 months Reading age: 10 yrs A.S.M 6/10 4th Assessment 13/10/17 Spelling age: 9yrs 4 months Reading age: 10yrs 10 months A.S.M 6.5/10 Jenny had the ability to form a positive teaching relationship with my son and he has been willing to attend his lessons twice a week for a sustained period of time. Jenny undertakes assessments and I would highly recommend her interventions if you are struggling with dyslexia or arrange an assessment if you suspect that dyslexia may be an issue.

Torbay Tutors - 11+ tutors

Alderbourne, Greenway Rd, Torquay TQ1 4NJ, UK – 01803 501411

focussed teaching that together with the realistic mocks inspire and give confidence to achieve excellent results, tested over two years and found to be consistently superlative

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